TROY, N.Y. (News10)-Troy Police say they are trying to identify the person captured on security camera video smashing a decorative birdhouse display outside a Troy home. The homeowner spoke with News10’s Anya Tucker who told her it was a cherished, handmade birdhouse and that she doesn’t understand why anyone would do such a thing.

“It was special because we had a Victorian birdhouse out there that was stolen,” said Deb Henderson. “And this particular one that was destroyed, was handmade for me.” Henderson told Anya that the vandalism occurred around 3:30am Monday. The act was captured on her Ring doorbell system. The recording shows a person wearing what appears to be a skirt and dark colored jacket with a bag slung across their shoulder and chest, smashing the birdhouse on Henderson’s front stoop. The person then walks back down the stairs and onto the sidewalk, but then stops and returns to the stoop to resume stomping on the already busted birdhouse.

“This is someone who is enraged, absolutely enraged,” said Henderson while reviewing the video. Henderson says she does not recognize the person in the security video and doesn’t know why they would want to destroy her beautiful birdhouse. “People ask if it was personal. I really don’t think I’ve made anybody that angry,” she said.

She says she and her partner sleep in the back of the house and that’s why they didn’t hear the commotion. She filed a police report with Troy Police. Assistant Chief Steven Barker told Anya that the detective bureau has a copy of the video, and they are investigating.

Henderson’s home on 2nd Street sits next to Russell Sage and she says college security staff told her that they captured what appears to be the same person on their security cameras walking the campus around the time the vandalism is said to have occurred. “The bottom line is no one was hurt. But it was still a very scary event, and the person is definitely in need of help, “she added.