PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – An emergency water restriction for Pittsfield is due to start on Monday due to the lessening water supply of the Pittsfield Cleveland Reservoir.

“Over the last month, we have identified a steep trend in the water level at the Cleveland Reservoir,
and together with scarce significant rain we have made the decision to establish a Stage 2 Drought Watch, which includes mandatory water conservation,” said Ricardo Morales, Pittsfield’s public service commissioner. “It is crucial as it helps slow down the decline. With these measures in place, the main goal is to slow the decline and ensure adequate water supply.”

Under Stage 2, restricted activities consist of general outside water use, watering lawns and gardens,
washing vehicles and filling swimming pools. These exercises are permitted only before 7 am and
after 7 pm, also limited to alternate days. Addresses ending in even numbers may water on even
days of the month. Odd addresses water on odd days.

A lot of New York State is experiencing elevated temperatures as this summer hasn’t seen much meaningful precipitation. Since June 1, Pittsfield is 3.5 inches below average rainfall amounts. However, there is a hit-and-miss precipitation forecast for the next week.

Pittsfield will enforce its water restrictions by fining violators. The first violation will be a written warning and any further violations will be at least $50. Residents can email dpw@cityofpittsfield.org for more information about the water emergency.