PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) — On Monday, Aug. 29, the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office obtained a guilty verdict in an evidence-based domestic violence prosecution case. According to the office, Joseph Deleon, 45, of Springfield was found guilty of the charges of assault and battery on a household member. The office notes that the verdict was obtained despite the victim choosing not to participate in the court proceedings.

On May 19, the North Adams Police Department responded to a residence after receiving a 911 call. While the victim did not provide a statement, investigators determined that Deleon shoved the victim against a wall and dragged the victim down a hallway.

According to the office, the Police Department located a nearby surveillance camera that recorded video depicting some of the attack, which was corroborated with testimony from a civilian witness.

“There are very understandable reasons why a victim of domestic violence would not want to participate in the court process,” District Attorney Andrea Harrington said. “My office is not afraid to take difficult cases to trial, and strong evidence-based prosecution of this case led to this guilty finding. I thank the North Adams Police Department for conducting a thorough investigation and the trial team for their dedication to accountability and excellent presentation of the evidence.”

Harrington’s office asked the court to sentence Deleon to two-and-a-half years in jail. Defense Counsel requested a nine-month sentence. Judge William Rota sided with the defense, sentencing Deleon to nine months behind bars.