SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — A dog that was pulled out of a house fire unresponsive late Monday night was rescued by AMR Springfield and firefighters. The fire occurred on Webster Street in the city’s lower Liberty Heights neighborhood.

AMR Springfield told NEWS10 sister station 22News a dog was taken out of the home unresponsive and extremely hot. EMTs and paramedics quickly jumped in to provide the dog oxygen and cool down his body temperature. Water was poured into his mouth to help hydrate him, and he slowly began waking up. The dog eventually got up and was back to wagging his tail.

Earlier Tuesday night, the AMR team told 22News about the experience.

“When they brought him down, he was unresponsive and very hot to touch. So we gave him rescue breaths and active cooling and we gave him a neb and he actually came around,” AMR paramedic Alex Prose said. “He started breathing on his own, and he sat up. He was wagging his tail. He was actually able to walk away with his owner.”

The EMTs and paramedics say they always respond to calls with the hopes of saving a life, and they gave this pup the same life-saving measures they’d give to anyone else.

The Springfield Arson and Bomb Squad determined that the cause of the fire was from the illegal use of fireworks. No one was injured in the fire, but five people are now without a home. They are being helped out by the Red Cross.

Fireworks are not legal in Massachusetts if you’re not a licensed professional. Anyone caught selling fireworks can land up to one year in jail with a fine of $100 to $1,000.