PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) — The Berkshire County District Attorney’s Office coordinated with a national organization to help those in need access professional clothing.

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The old saying goes clothes don’t make the man, but they’re important for 19-year-old Alan Tamayo. He’s getting a new suit today. To Alan, a recent immigrant, this is bigger than fancy clothes and nice fabrics. He hopes looking his best can grant him success. Success for Alan is scoring a job interview in the business field. Alan says good clothes equals flexibility:

“For example, you can go like I don’t know like prom or like work everything you want.”

Luis Mata of non-profit 18 Degrees, helped connect Alan to this event. 

“I feel like if you look good, you feel good, and it’s a great opportunity for them…” said Mata.

It was Dress for Success’s very first clothing drive in Pittsfield.  The event was sponsored by the Berkshire County District Attorney’s office. The drive aims to help people entering or re-entering the workforce such as immigrants, the formerly incarcerated, or just those who just need a helping hand, get professional clothing for job interviews. 

For Dress from the Success’s Diane Jacobs who put the Pittsfield drive together, it was all about being of service.

“If I can’t find something to help you with I’m gonna definitely look for it…”

For Berkshire County DA Timothy Shugrue, helping former inmates reintegrate into society is especially important.

“We can’t just send people back into the community without getting them the proper resources. And one of the resources is the clothe them…” said the Prosecutor.

Kathy DeWitt Allen helped pile donations together to throw this event. She hopes it can help people see law enforcement and police lights in a new light.

“Hopefully this will help people realize that you know we’re here for the community. We’re not just there to just prosecute cases and put people in jail” DeWitt Allen said.

As for Alan, he got his new suit…and he says when you look good, you feel good.

“It’s good for everything you know…like…you can talk better, I think it’s better for everything” said Alan.

Organizers hope this event can be held anywhere from monthly to even weekly, and that donations can keep coming in.