PITTSFIELD, N.Y. (NEWS10) — On Friday, Taconic High School announced a rebranding effort. Their student body, team uniforms, nickname, mascot, and overall design aesthetic will now be the “Taconic Thunder.”

The full transition to “Thunder”—with logos, graphics, and an updated school spirit—is still underway, with design suggestions and submissions still under review. The traditional green and gold color scheme is staying in place.

The new moniker is the result of multiple rounds of surveys and public feedback. Close to 1,000 individuals participated in the first public survey, and over 230 unique mascot suggestions were submitted. Round two offered a shortlist of 10 semi-finalists, and ultimately the other finalists in the last round were the Titans—which is already the mascot of nearby Taconic Hills Regional High School in Columbia County—and the Rockets—which acknowledged Taconic alum and NASA astronaut Stephanie Wilson.

The Pittsfield high school was previously identified as the Braves. In August 2020, the Pittsfield School Committee moved to respectfully retire the “Braves” and replace it with a brand that did not reference Native American culture. The process incorporated input from the student body, staff, alumni, community members, and school officials.