PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) — The second week of hydrant flushing in Pittsfield will begin Monday, May 1. Water mains throughout the city will be flushed through hydrants to remove pipeline corrosion products.

The flushing commencing on May 1 is expected to affect the following areas:

  • Unkamet Park Drive heading west up to North Street, working north to the Broadway and Lake Streets neighborhood.
  • Avenue moving west on Dalton Avenue, including the Allendale and Allengate neighborhoods. Moving west onto Tyler Street into the Morningside neighborhood, including Springside Avenue, pushing west to North Street.
  • Lincoln and Fenn streets, Silver Lake, Wendell Avenue, and the surrounding vicinity, pushing west to North Street.
  • South Mountain and Tamarack roads, Dan Fox Drive, and south to the Pittsfield-Lenox line.

The City of Pittsfield wants that although flushing may cause discolored water and reduced pressure around the areas of flushing, appropriate measures will be taken to guarantee proper levels of treatment and disinfections are maintained in the system at all times. If any residents are to experience discolored water or low-pressure conditions, they are urged to call the Water Department at (413) 499-9339.