PITTSFIELD, Mass (NEWS10) — The Pittsfield Fire Department responded to a chimney fire early Monday morning. No injuries were reported, and firefighters say the fire started due to faulty masonry between the fireplace and the chimney itself.

At 4:23 a.m., the Pittsfield Fire Department responded to a log cabin-style home for reports of a possible chimney fire. Firefighters say that the fire was contained to just the chimney and that everyone in the house was accounted for. Standard chimney fire tactics were taken, and after an hour, firefighters determined the fire was actively burning in the wood between the stone façade and exterior chimney.

To the fire, firefighters had to remove the entire façade from the roofline down to the fireplace, which they say is a long, labor-intensive process. After four hours of work, firefighters say it was under control and the owners of the house could return inside. They also say the fire could cause roughly $100,000 worth of damage due to the extensive overhaul to access the fire.