PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – Two local programs produced on Pittsfield Community Radio, 89.7 WTBR-FM, won Hometown Media Awards in a national contest conducted by the Alliance for Community Media (ACM). “On Patrol with the PPD,” produced by the Pittsfield Police Department, and “Wheeling the Pathways of Life,” produced by Brian Fitzpatrick, were chosen out of nearly one thousand submissions as best in their categories.

The Hometown Media Awards are the Foundation of the ACM’s yearly awards program. It is established to honor and promote community media, community radio, and local cable programs that are distributed on Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) access cable television channels. Proceeds go to the ACM Foundation which is exclusively used for facilitating, preserving, and promoting education in community media.

“On Patrol with the PPD” won in the category of “Government Profile Community Radio.” The program, hosted by Chief Michael Wynn and Captain Gary Traversa, features the latest news from Pittsfield’s Police Department- whether they’re introducing their staff, sharing a new initiative, or telling a story that “you just can’t make up,” WTBR-FM listeners always learn something from “On Patrol.”

“The Pittsfield Police Department is honored to be recognized by the Alliance for Community Media for our show, On Patrol with the PPD. While the show was created to train our personnel in the use of radio technology during an emergency, it has become much more than that,” said Pittsfield Police Chief and host Mike Wynn. “As an additional medium for us to communicate with our residents, the show has become an integral part of our communications strategy. Sharing stories about our department and introducing our listeners to our guests has been incredibly beneficial.”

“Wheeling the Pathways of Life” was chosen as the best “Underserved Voices Community Radio.” The show is a snapshot of the day-to-day experiences of a disabled individual as they navigate the pathways of the world around them. Host Brian Fitzpatrick hopes to shed light on and open eyes to new perspectives on the lives of those with disabilities.

“I am very honored that the show, was recognized for a national award for excellence in the category of Underserved on Radio,” said Fitzpatrick. “This was something I was not expecting but I am very appreciative of, I don’t do it for me I do it for other people.”

All award-winning programs will be presented during the annual Hometown Media Awards Ceremony. The ceremony will be held in Chicago on Wednesday, June 29, at 7:30 p.m.