PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) — City Hall, and several other buildings in downtown Pittsfield, will be lit in yellow from Sunday, November 20, until Saturday, November 26, marking the “World Day of Remembrance.” This Day of Remembrance was brought to the U.S. by Families for Safe Streets and honors the victims and families of pedestrian and cyclist traffic crashes.

“We recognize that these unfortunate incidents and near misses require proactive action from transportation stakeholders,” said Commissioner Ricardo Morales, of the Department of Public Services and Utilities. “In the last five years, five people were killed on streets throughout Pittsfield in traffic crashes in which they were either walking or biking. The World Day of Remembrance intends to recognize the devastating impact that traffic deaths cause in Pittsfield and around the Commonwealth. It reinforces the need for traffic safety stakeholders to act to make our streets safer for the most vulnerable user.”

“Traffic-related deaths are preventable, and the city of Pittsfield wants to highlight changes that will make our city safer – including re-designing our streets as well as providing safe spaces for people walking and bicycling,” said Morales. “We need to keep changing our streets into places where we can use them safely, no matter which type of transport we use, whether driving, walking, or biking.”

The World Day of Remembrance was launched in 2005. According to transportation officials, 1.35 million people are killed and millions more are injured on the world’s roads each year. The day of remembrance looks to honor them, but also to inspire change.

In Albany, traffic safety groups are gathering in Academy Park at noon, on Friday, November 18. Advocates will be reading the names of pedestrians and cyclists who have died in traffic collisions in the city since 2017, including Tanisha BrathwaiteKathleen McBride, and Larry Cunningham.