PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) — A carbon dioxide leak forced the evacuation of Chipotle on Hubbard Avenue in Pittsfield Tuesday afternoon. Around 2:14 p.m., fire crews were sent to the restaurant for a possible refrigerant leak and found a liquid CO2 tank inside with frozen lines and off-gassing because of over-pressurization, according to Deputy Chief Neil Myers of the Pittsfield Fire Department.

All employees had evacuated the building and the company responsible for the CO2 system, as well as the Pittsfield-based state hazardous materials team were asked to respond. The company had reportedly filled the system a few hours before the incident and found a small leak in the pressure relief hose outside of the restaurant when they came back.

The business was open at the time of the incident. No injuries were reported to staff or customers.

The frosted lines were a result of the recent filling, and the small leak in the hose led to the off-gassing. The technicians repaired the leak and, after consultation with the incident commander and hazmat team, the business resumed normal operations.