HANCOCK, Mass. (NEWS10) — Hancock Shaker Village is launching a new project to reimagine its visitor center. Chair Diane Eshleman announced Thursday that TSKP x IKD Architects, based in Boston and San Francisco, has been hired for the task.

The village’s new CEO, Nathaniel Silver, said the firm will work with the museum on a master plan and make the center “transformative for the visitor experience.”

“It will allow us to give visitors the kind of introduction and backgrounds that they need and that they deserve,” he explained. “And will allow us to enhance our unparalleled collection that we have here and protect it for the future.”

The cultural institution is in the very early stages of planning but intends to include a vault, library, reading room, digital media room, and climate-controlled collection storage in the final design. The visitor center is the main entry point to the 62-year-old museum and was built over 20 years ago. It includes the welcome center where tickets are purchased, exhibition rooms, and also the museum store, the café, and more. TSKP x IKD will also create a master plan for these areas on the western end of the village.

“The dream of creating proper collection storage began more than 22 years ago when the Visitor Center was built, and it is extremely satisfying to think that we will finally fulfill that dream,” said Eshleman. “This is a terrific moment for the Village and this key transition – we’re very excited about Nathaniel Silver as the new leader of the Village, and incredibly grateful to Jennifer for having laid out the plans, established the foundation, and given us the momentum to get to where we are today.”

A cost estimate has not yet been released, but construction is expected to begin in fall 2023 and run for about a year. The process will likely require fundraising.