PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) — Starting Monday, March 27, a three-hour limit for paid on-street parking will be implemented on North Street. Meters from Park Square to Madison Avenue will be updated to reflect the time limit.

According to the Department of Public Services and Utilities, customers parked over the allotted time will not be ticketed during the first two weeks. Instead, they will be provided with an explanation of the three-hour limit.

“This three-hour parking time will allow sufficient time for customers and clients to visit their
attorney, hairstylist, retailer, accountant, exercise studio, etc., and also allow proper turnover and
availability of parking spaces for other customers throughout the business day,” said David Daunais of the Cheveux Hair Clinic. “These are the simple needs of the business owners that will allow them to continue in business and allow themselves and their employees to make a living.”