MT. WASHINGTON, Mass. (NEWS10) — The Bash Bish Falls access point in Berkshire County is closed for the next few months. The public can look at the Falls from the outlook point but is not able to go down the stairs to the base of the Falls.

According to Bash Bish Falls State Park in Mt. Washington, they’ve been having issues with people partying and leaving trash at the Falls. Because of this, park officials are aiming to keep people away from the Falls for the summer.

Bash Bish Falls can be accessed from Copake in Columbia County or Massachusetts, with the actual Falls being located just over the New York border in Berkshire County. According to Copake Town Historian Howard Blue, Bash Bish Falls, although across the state line, is the town’s biggest attraction.

Blue shared some stories about the Falls, which can show how dangerous they can be in some cases. One story includes a 15-year-old who, several decades ago, almost fell off the Falls, but was caught by the wrists and pulled to safety.

Another story is about a tightrope walker. According to Blue, in 1858, Jean François Gravelet-Blondin spread a rope across the gorge at Bash Bish Falls and crossed it. He was also the first tightrope walker to make it across Niagara Falls.

“‘The Great Blondin’ stated that because of the boulders in the chasm he found Bash Bish more frightening than Niagara. But the fact is that he did Bash Bish first,” said Blue.

According to the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, the access point is closed from Memorial Day to Columbus Day every year since July 2020. People will be allowed down to Bash Bish Falls in October and throughout the winter months.