PITTSFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — Two Pittsfield men were arrested after search warrants were issued Thursday morning. According to Lieutenant John Soules, search warrants were executed at 205 Lenox Avenue (apartment No. 3) and 122 Dewey Avenue (apartment No. 4) in Pittsfield for the investigation into illegal possession of firearms and the illegal manufacturing of “ghost guns.”

Police seized firearms, firearm parts and accessories, ammunition, and manufacturing equipment. Pittsfield residents, 23-year-old Emmanuel Kodjo and 18-year-old Taylor Bartlett were arrested and charged with unlicensed possession of firearms, additional charges are pending. Police said a school resource officer contributed information that helped the investigation.

Ghost guns are purchased piece by piece and then assembled together. This means they have no serial numbers and can’t be tracked as they move around.