BENNINGTON, Vt. (NEWS10) — Bennington town workers decked the streets with boughs of holly Tuesday morning, ushering in the holiday spirit while hanging wreaths and garlands on 88 lamp posts throughout the downtown area. Officials said the work was done “at a blazing pace,” partly due to the preparatory work that happens behind the scenes.

Bill Clark, who works for the Better Bennington Corporation (BBC) doing downtown maintenance, reported to the Select Board Monday night about the effort. “Getting the decorations done takes about a hundred hours each year,” said Clark. “It’s a cooperative effort and includes students involved in the community-based learning program led by Dale Copeland.”

Those kids, along with the town Highway Crew, the town Buildings and Grounds Crew, and Bill Clark, assemble and deploy the decorations. “It’s great to see these dedicated young teens working to help the downtown community,” concluded Clark.