BENNINGTON, Vt. (NEWS10) – The Bennington Town Offices announced Monday that hydrant flushing is set to begin, where water will be quickly released from fire hydrants in the area. This controlled procedure is vital to the general maintenance of the Town’s water distribution system, ensuring adequate waterflow is available to firefighters, residents and businesses.

Hydrant flushing helps ensure water quality and helps avoid random bouts of rusty water if there is a high demand for water, caused by firefighting efforts or a water main break. During the flushing of a hydrant, some customers may notice reduced water pressure and flow.

Sometimes the process can also make water temporarily appear rust-colored because the iron and mineral deposits in the water mains get stirred up. There is no health risk associated with the discolored water.

The hydrant flushing will begin Monday. The process takes about 15 minutes for each fire hydrant and should be completed this week.