BENNINGTON, Vt. (NEWS10) — The Bennington Museum will be hosting its annual winter exhibition titled “In the Shadow of the Hills” and a closed-bid auction on Friday, November 25. The closed-bid auction opens at the Museum and online at 10 a.m. and will run until December 19.

Once the bidding closes, whoever has the highest bid for each piece of artwork will be declared the winner and will be contacted regarding payment and pick-up. To avoid a tie, the museum is urging people to make odd bid amounts such as $501, instead of $500, for example.

The “In the Shadow of the Hills” exhibition will feature over 25 regional contemporary artists who will speak on historical stories of monsters, ghosts, missing people, exploring the deep, the “unknown” and more. The exhibition, titled “In the Shadow of the Hills” will foreshadow “Haunted Vermont,” the historically based summer and fall 2023 exhibition.