BENNINGTON, Vt. (NEWS10) — Bennington residents could be splashing into October, with Town officials nearing completion of their overhaul at the Recreation Center pool. The Town partnered with the Carpenter Group and several local sub-contractors to do a major overhaul of the pool’s drain system back in August. The facility has been closed to swimmers since August 28.

Bennington lawmakers said planning for redoing the drains was in the works for a while, and the end cost will be about $65,000. “The old wall drains were made of cast iron and really starting to degrade,” says Mark Sawyer, Assistant Director of Facilities. “Moving the drains to the floor instead of the wall will be much safer and better for avoiding structural problems in the future.”

Contractors have completed the tiling, and once fully cured, the entire pool will be acid-washed and cleaned before refilling. In a Facebook post Thursday, Town officials said, “all new piping from the drains has been installed in the pump and filtration room. This was a big job!”

At this point, the Town said the pool should re-open on October 3 or 4. Once re-opened, the pool’s schedule will be posted on Bennington’s Parks and Recreation website.