BENNINGTON, Vt. (NEWS10) — Vermont State Police are reporting the arrest of Max Misch, 38, of Bennington for violating the conditions of his release.

Police detectives say that Misch went to the Bennington Walmart, and approached and spoke with a witness in an upcoming court case. In that case, Misch is accused of traveling across state lines to buy a firearm magazine that exceeds Vermont’s capacity limits.

The Vermont State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigations began an investigation into this conversation—which they say violated the terms of Misch’s release—after being assigned a violation complaint on Friday. They located and arrested Misch on Saturday.

Misch, who the Associated Press calls “a self-described white nationalist,” is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday at the criminal division of Vermont Superior Court. He pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor hate crime charge in Bennington in October.

Misch was previously accused of harassing Vermont’s only black female legislator, state Rep. Kia Morris, in 2018. She resigned and left the region after receiving what she said were online and other racial threats, including from Misch. Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan said an investigation found that, while Morris was the victim of racial harassment, no charges would be filed because of free speech protections and insufficient evidence.

The Vermont Human Rights Commission also found that the Bennington Police Department had endangered Morris’s safety by withholding critical information about Misch, a white supremacist who’d been targeting her on social media. The town of Bennington has since agreed to pay Morris’s family $137,000 and issue a public apology over the Police Department’s failure to adequately investigate the racially motivated harassment.