BENNINGTON, V.T. (NEWS10) — The suspect in the Bennington, Vermont police hunt has been captured. On Monday he was arraigned and pled not guilty to attempted murder in Vermont Superior Court. The plea comes more than a week after a warrant was issued for his arrest. The exact details of the crime that lead to the charges are unclear.

Police capture attempted murder suspect in Bennington

Prosecutors requested no bail for the 37-year-old suspect, determining that he was a flight risk. 

After all, Dumas led Bennington police on a 10 day search hopscotching to points around the New England town. 

Vermont Police issued a warrant for his arrest on Friday September 8th.

Last Thursday afternoon, a tip lead Bennington police to 303 Pleasant Street where Dumas escaped out of a second-floor window

The manhunt continued until Sunday afternoon when another tip led police to 3 Division Place, a  house that was already under supervision for illegal activity.

Dumas was barricaded inside, and after obtaining a search warrant, police apprehended the fugitive.

There is no set trial date. The defense prosecutors, and the judge alike are looking at a 30 to 60 day window for a trial to begin. Reporting in Bennington, Zion, Decoteau and NEWS 10 ABC.