(NEWS10) — Music has the power to heal, and at Beebop’s Backstreet BBQ, that’s the note they hoped to hit. As Lucid Street performed its final show of the summer, lead guitarist Max Munertz was playing with a heavy heart.

“As a band, we are all so close,” said Cait Tizzone. “We’ve grown really tight as a family. And it’s just such a loss, it’s so devastating. We just need to be there for him.”

Max’s mother and grandmother, 50-year-old Roberta Kenny and 88-year-old Rita Buhl—were killed when they were hit by a car while walking across Columbia Turnpike on August 9.

“They just walked to the grocery store like any other night and on the way back they got hit and they both got killed,” Munertz said. “So, that has been really tough.”

Munertz’s family set up a GoFundMe in an effort to help him cover funeral expenses and help him as he tries to move forward with this life.

“I lived with both of them, so I have to figure out if I want to stay there or get a roommate or go live with my father,” Munertz said. “I need to figure out what I’m going to do with all my pets.”

Munertz credits his mom for getting him into music. And on Friday night, his fellow band members and the crowd were hoping to help lead him forward just like she did.

“My mom instilled a love for me of music since I was young,” says Munertz. She always liked a lot of cool music. She played bass when I was young. So, part of the reason I play bass is because she played bass.”

If you would like to help support Max, you can participate in the GOFUNDME fundraiser to help him out.

East Greenbush police tell us the driver in that crash is cooperating with the investigation. They do not believe drugs or alcohol were a factor.