AUDIO: Police breach Stephen Paddock’s Mandalay Bay Hotel room, 10 rifles found

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LAS VEGAS (WFLA) – When SWAT officers went to the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino across the street from the concert venue, they breached Stephen Paddock’s room and he was dead.

Police released the audio from the moments leading up to the explosive breach of his hotel room. They didn’t know what they would find inside; how many people or how many weapons.

They have since said that Paddock killed himself before they entered. They did find a cache of weapons inside. Police said  at least 10 rifles were found, along with several dozen magazines and an arsenal of ammunition.

“What happened was is that the officers that were actually at that concert could actually hear where the rounds were coming from. It’s very difficult for them to pinpoint that because it was up on the 32nd floor,” said Undersheriff Kevin McMahill with the Las Vegas Police.

“They could see that the rounds were coming from that particular location as heavy fire, automatic fire at times. And so they were corralling all of the people that were actually at the concert into … behind a block wall. And so a number of other officers as the information came out then went immediately to the Mandalay Bay and began to ascend up to that 32nd floor. What we know is that once we arrived up there we had isolated this individual to the two rooms and then our SWAT team used the explosive breaching to go in and confront the individual.”

Police told Paddock’s brother that they identified him through identification in his wallet. His brother told NBC that he often went to Las Vegas and was familiar with the big hotels there.

Police said he had been staying at the hotel since Thusday Sept. 28.

Fifty people are dead and more than 400 people were taken to local hospitals.

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