Hoosick Falls, N.Y. (NEWS10) — For a second time in less than four months, attorneys want the residents of Hoosick Falls to know: if you were affected by PFAS/PFOAs, you could benefit from a $65 million settlement.

“There’s thousands of people that were affected and we’re closing in on 2,000 claims being filed,” says attorney Stephen Schwarz of Faraci Lange, a law firm based in Rochester, “we’ve had a tremendous response. One of the reasons we’re here is to get as many people signed up, especially for the medical monitoring program because we think it’s important.” The class-action suit names three companies: 3M, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, and Honeywell for allowing unsafe levels of PFOAs to contaminate drinking water in and around Hoosick Falls.

There are currently four classes of the suit says Schwarz. “There’s a class for property devaluation for people who lived on the village on municipal water. There’s a class for private well owners who had PFOAs in their wells for property devaluation. There’s a class for nuisance for private well owners and there’s a class for medical monitoring which is anyone who was exposed at any of the residences for more than six months who has PFOA in their blood of over 1.86 parts per billion.” 

The Environmental Protection Agency first discovered PFOA in Hoosick Falls in 2015. PFOA is a manmade chemical that is toxic and can persist in the environment.  It is used as a surface-active agent and in a variety of products, such as fire-fighting foams, coating additives, and cleaning products, according to the EPA.

David Beriau lives in Hoosick Falls. As part of the settlement, he is expected to be compensated after his property value was deprecated when PFOAs were discovered. “It looks like it will be 10 percent of the assessed value of my home,” he says, “which is surprising. Usually, you don’t expect to receive anything of that size you know?” 

The deadline for claims to be filed is January 24. To do so, head to: http://hoosickfallspfoasettlement.com