ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS 10) – Just days after finding antisemitic postings on the U-Albany campus, University Police made an arrest. Police say disturbing stickers were posted throughout the U-Albany campus on Tuesday evening.

“Known as the oldest hatred because it has existed literally for millennia,” says American Jewish Committee Regional Director Winchester/Fairfield Myra Clark-Siegel.

Clark-Siegel telling NEWS 10 that fear has been growing among the Jewish community.

“We’ve seen a spike of anti-Semitism in this country over the past few years,” says Clark-Siegel.

Students on campus believe there could be more prevention.

“Conversations about it I feel should be encouraged,” says freshmen Chelsea Medina.

“I think when something like this happens on campus it’s important to put in a proactive measure in the future,” said freshmen Jon Goscinski.

“Speech is a thing; freedom of expression is also a thing. However, it also comes with consequences and we as a human race should know that,” says junior Umar Dar.

Clark-Siegel telling NEWS 10 that fear is growing among the Jewish community and it is having an impact on their lives.

“Changing their behavior, a quarter of American Jews are changing their behavior out of fear for their religion,” says Clark-Siegel.

Clark-Siegel also telling NEWS 10 90% of the Jewish American population is afraid of growing antisemitism, but that number decreases to 60% of the general American population. 25% do not believe it to be much of a problem at all.

“You have to be swivel headed. It’s on the far right. It’s on the far left and it’s a religious extremism,” said Clark-Siegel.

The AJC director suggesting what could help turn the tide; “To prevent anti-Semitism. Raise awareness about it. Respond to it.”

“We all need to stand up against this hatred because this is happening on campus, but it is happening in all of our communities,” finished Clark-Siegel.