ARGYLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Over the weekend, two Washington County fire departments came together to make life easier for both of them.

Firefighters and community members from Argyle and Fort Edward fire departments gathered on Saturday outside a new, three-story training facility that will keep both departments closer to home.

The new building will mean an end to both departments taking their staff, equipment and firefighting vehicles to Saratoga County’s training facility in Milton, a regular practice in previous years.

Doing so meant taking those personnel and assets far away from where they would be needed in case of fire; about 28 miles away for Fort Edward, and nearly 35 for Argyle.

Pete Kitchner, Fort Edward Fire Department’s Chief of Training, thanked those who helped bring the structure into being.

It’s built out of shipping containers, allowing for a variety of training options and different layouts in order to simulate different real-life scenarios firefighters might find themselves in.

Trainees can get experience with live fires, indoor burns, roof operations and rescue, wall breaches, emergency escape, FAST (Firefighter Assist Search Team), standpipe operations and more.

The $200,000 project was several years in the making. Among those thanked on Saturday were Fort Edward Fire District Commissioners; Chiefs Matthew Hurlbert and Tom Plude; and the Fort Edward Fire Department and J.A. Barkley Hose Co. No 1. Inc in Argyle.

Funding for the new training came with help from both departments, with Fort Edward securing funds needed to build the structure, and Argyle getting the money for work onsite to get it built.