CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The scorching heat had some Capital Region restaurants changing their plans or even closing for the day. They say if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. And that’s what some restaurants and businesses are opting to do: stay out.

At Jumpin’ Jack’s Drive-In in Scotia with all lights and appliances off, the thermostat was still at a simmering 89 degrees. So, a few days ago the summertime eatery’s general manager Mark Lansing posted a message on their Facebook page letting folks know they would close Thursday. “Give them a heads up so they don’t come down for lunch and get upset,” he said.

But not everyone got the message. Loyal customers like Ron Strasser and Gary Ridley traveled all the way from Sharon Springs only to find out that they could not grab a tasty “Jackburger” and a fish fry.

At Jimmy’s Pizzeria and Restaurant in Lansingburgh they were slinging pizzas and frying wings but keeping all the fans on high. Owner, Tony Buchanan made sure his employees stayed stocked up on Gatorade. But today’s menu is delivery or takeout only. With the extreme heat, Tony made the decision to close their dining room. “With the heat going on outside and the heat kind of seeping in from the kitchen itself it would be impossible to keep it down,” he said.

Tony added that extreme heat typically keeps customers home anyway. “Cause most people when they get out of work today, I’m assuming they are going to go straight to their house, straight to their pool. To sprinklers or straight to their air conditioners. Give us a call and we’ll bring it to you.” Good idea!

The good news is that these are temporary measures. Jimmy’s dining room will reopen tomorrow and Jumpin’ Jack’s will be back up and running.