ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- The state, counties, and school districts have been putting forth their best efforts to get school-aged kids between 5-11 vaccinated for COVID-19. But for all their efforts are kids getting vaccinated?

It’s been a slow go but 20% of kids 5-11 have now had at least one dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine and 8% are now fully vaccinated. In three weeks, the number of kids who have gotten one shot has little more than doubled. Many counties in the Capital Region are seeing greater success than the state overall.

On November 17, 9% of kids 5-11 in Warren County had gotten their first doses. On December 9, 22.6% of kids had gotten their first dose and 9.2% were fully vaccinated. The state-run vaccination clinic at Aviation Mall recently reopened. Warren County said they were told in the first two days it reopened, 10% of the 1,600 doses they gave out were to kids 5-11.

“We have been very encouraged and heartened by the interest in COVID-19 vaccination among parents and children here in Warren County, and we are thankful for the assistance we have gotten from our local pediatricians, pharmacies and New York State’s reopened mass vaccination site to provide convenient options for vaccination,” said Warren County Health Services Director Ginelle Jones. “While we are off to a good start, we know we still have a long way to go to get to our goal of 100% vaccination and bringing an end to this pandemic.”

As part of the state’s #VaxtoSchool program, Washington County Public Health Services partnered with the DOH and Hudson Falls School District for a vaccination clinic at Hudson Falls Central School on December 3. Washington County Public Health Director, Tina McDougall said her department and the county were grateful to be able to offer the clinic.

She said the clinic was able to administer 126 vaccinations at the event, 100 of which went to kids aged 5-11. The remaining 26 went to kids 12-17. Another county-sponsored vaccination clinic for kids and teens will be held at Greenwich Central School on December 14.

“While we understand there are many in our communities who may not be comfortable with the COVID-19 vaccination as of yet, we strongly encourage anyone not vaccinated to discuss your situation with your own medical provider and research the facts for yourself,” McDougall said. “We, our school leaders and community partners all want to see our kids in school, with as much in-person instruction as possible!”

Saratoga, Albany, and now Schenectady Counties are leading the Capital Region in the percentage of kids 5-11 who have received their first dose, 33.9%, 29.1%, and 27.5% respectively. Saratoga and Albany Counties have consistently been in the top two spots since the DOH started reporting the data on its website.

Below are the percentages/number of kids 5-11 fully vaccinated in each county as well as the percentage/number of first doses given in November versus December 9.

Kids 5-11 fully vaccinated

CountyPercent/number December 9
Albany11.9% (2,575)
Columbia9.1% (351)
Fulton2.1% (91)
Greene6.1% (183)
Montgomery2.3% (97)
Rensselaer7.9% (955)
Saratoga13.9% (2,484)
Schenectady11% (1,423)
Schoharie9.8% (210)
Warren9.2% (418)
Washington4.4% (195)
Statewide8% (125,488)
Source: DOH

First doses in kids 5-11

November 17
December 9
Total population kids aged 5-11
Albany11.9% (2,570)29.1% (6,275)21,591
Columbia8.5% (326)22% (848)3,853
Fulton2.3% (97)7.4% (313)4,239
Greene6.3% (189)13.8% (414)2,995
Montgomery2.5% (108)8.2% (355)4,311
Rensselaer8.4% (1,012)20.1% (2,436)12,115
Saratoga12.3% (2,194)33.9% (6,054)17,855
Schenectady8.2% (1,068)27.5% (3,563)12,961
Schoharie8.7% (186)15.7% (336)2,139
Warren9% (411)22.6% (1,029)4,557
Washington5.2% (230)14.8% (458)4,445
Statewide9% (141,180)20% (312,724)1,564,120
Source: DOH