ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — While Congressional elections took place this past November, some argue that the maps used for those elections should be redrawn. On Thursday, the Appellate Division will hear those arguments. The maps used in the 2022 elections  were redrawn by a court appointed special master after the redistricting commission and state legislature couldn’t agree on district lines. Initially, that map was intended to only be used for 2022, but Albany County Supreme Court Judge, Peter Lynch ruled its use for the entire decade. 

“That decision, is now being appealed,” said Jeff Wice, adjunct professor and senior fellow at NY Law School. The court document claims the Supreme Court, had an “overly pessimistic outlook” on the commission. It also points to a separate case in Manhattan where a state judge ruled that the IRC had to redraw new assembly maps which were finalized in April and signed into law by the Governor. “We have seen that the process can work, the judge in Albany county last year who rejected the congressional redo so to speak, said that the commission was incapable of operating, but he has since been proven wrong, the commission’s done an admirable job in developing a plan for the assembly,” said Wice.

There’s a five judge panel hearing the case in Albany on Thursday. Wice said eventually this case will go to the Court of Appeals, who’s new chief Judge is Rowan Wilson. “And he believes that the legislature should have the final determination in line drawings, so we’re going to see a different Court of Appeals sometime later this year have the final say over this case,” said Wice.

The lawsuit is coming at a time where republicans won more seats in the House following the 2022 district lines. How this lawsuit plays out could determine what lies ahead for the 2024 Congressional elections.