ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)–According to the FDA, there is a shortage of the antibiotic Amoxicillin which is used to treat bacterial infections, such as ear infections or sometimes sinus infections.

“Why is it happening? Who knows. You know maybe the surge of hospitalization and illness has kinda caused the use of amoxicillin a little more frequently,” said Dr. Jim Saperstone, Community Care Pediatrician. “Kids immune systems have been dormant the last couple of years because we haven’t been exposed because we’ve been isolated.”

Saperstone said it’s the liquid form that’s in short supply. Albany Pharmacist, Zarina Jalal said at her pharmacy, the inventory is fine right now.

“I looked at our wholesalers website and there are allocations on the item which generally indicates that the product is in short supply,” explained Jalal.

Political Reporter Jamie DeLine reached out to Walgreens about their supply and was told,

“Although demand for amoxicillin has increased, Walgreens is still able to meet patient needs at this time and will continue to work with our suppliers and distributors throughout the season to best serve our patients.”

CVS echoed a similar message stating, “ There is an industry-wide supplier shortage of certain doses of Amoxicillin and we are working with manufacturers to replenish the supply as quickly as possible.”

The New York State Department of Health told DeLine while the department is not aware of any shortages impacting New York at this time, it will continue to monitor the situation and work closely with providers.

According to Jalal, the Amoxicillin shortage isn’t something to be very concerned about and that drug shortages happen from time to time.

“Providers do have options in terms of other antibiotics to use, but what specific one will really depend on the type of infection a person has,” said Jalal.

Jalal reminded everyone that an antibiotic doesn’t have to be the first option.

“A lot of times a person’s infection, even if it is bacterial, will resolve without an antibiotic. Be prepared that if you are bringing your child to the doctors office or to urgent care that you may not always get an antibiotic and that’s okay.”