ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Andrew Gibson, 43, was finally arraigned on Tuesday on an unsealed indictment after skipping bail in February. He had pleaded guilty in November 2021 to aggravated vehicular homicide.

Mother of four Lisa Sperry died in the head-on DWI crash with Gibson on County Route 401 in Westerlo in 2021. His indictment was for two new charges over his alleged attempt to escape justice:

  • First-degree bail jumping, a class D felony
  • Second-degree bail jumping, a class E felony

His attorney, Janes Knox, entered a plea of not guilty on Gibson’s behalf and did not ask Judge Roger McDonough to consider bail at this time. His next scheduled appearance is August 17 at 1 p.m.

Initially, the sentencing was scheduled for February 1, but he was released under the supervision of the department of probation pending sentencing. He never showed, but the original sentence as a part of his plea deal was going to be 8 1/3 to 25 years in state prison. Before being a no-show, he’d made bail by posting a hefty $160,000 bond.

But, Gibson’s time on the run abruptly ended last Saturday when he was arrested over an alleged domestic violence incident in the town of Nassau. “If the court deems him to be a persistent felon then he’s facing a minimum of 15 to life and a maximum of 25 to life on those new charges.” That would be far more than the original charges Gibson originally pleaded guilty to.

Lisa Sperry’s family who was back in court once for the arraignment on the bail jumping charges and they see it all as a failure in the justice system. “I’m all for for due process. This is how our country is set up. But if you hit somebody and kill them there’s a problem and that’s a big problem. Are you allowed bail? Maybe not in that respect,” said Lisa’s brother-in-law Richard Sweet.