ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Local civil rights activist Dr. Alice Green is taking part in a press conference with the family of Jordan Young. His family is disputing police claims about what happened in the officer-involved shooting.

Young’s family just wants answers, they say police aren’t telling the whole truth about the moments that lead up to the shooting. Young remains in critical condition since being shot by Albany police on Monday, January 24.

“The issue is why did they stop Jordan in the first place,” said Alice Green.  

Green believes police had no probable cause to stop Young while he was walking his dog after midnight on January 24. Green is the Executive Director of the Center for Law and Justice in Albany. That’s where they held the press conference.

Green and the Young family say he was walking his dog on New Scotland Avenue. They also say they dispute the police account of the shooting. Albany police maintain that they followed standard procedure in their interaction with Young. Police claimed they never stopped Jordan Young; they were on their way to a home invasion call at his brother Xavier Young’s home. Xavier says he heard police at his front door, but never called them.

“I was scared in the midst of that I ran and hid. I ran and had managed to get onto the roof, so I was the person one who ran onto the roof,” said Xavier Young.  

Two officers say they saw Jordan Young in the middle of the street holding a knife to his dog’s throat. The family says the video never showed Young holding his knife to his dog. They also mentioned this was something he would never do.

“He treated the dog as one of the kids, so it’s very hard to believe that my brother would put a knife to his own dog’s neck,“ said Xavier.  

The body-cam footage video does show Young with a knife running towards an officer. But Chief Eric Hawkins says the officer made the right decision. Green didn’t deny that Young ran toward officers, but says in those situations it can be unpredictable.

“If I’m out there in the middle of the night walking my dog and then all of the sudden police stop me I’m not sure what I would do,” said Green.  

Chief Hawkins says despite the families’ allegations, he stands by his initial assessment that the officer-involved shooting was justified and unavoidable. 

Young’s family is also alleging he was beaten while in police custody prior to this incident on Jan 14. APD says that never happened. 

Young has been through several surgeries so far, and the family said more are expected.