ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The eviction moratorium ends in just two days, however, those who have landlords that have accepted emergency rental assistance money are protected from being evicted from their homes for a year. While there is no new money in the program, a pending application will provide a tenant temporary protection from eviction. But once those protections are up, are the Albany shelters prepared to possibly take in more people?

“We don’t have all those numbers as to how many people are going to come, but we know we can accommodate people and we can accommodate as many as we possibly can, especially those who lost their home and don’t know where they’re going to live for a while. And while they are in transition finding that place, we are going to be a mission that reaches out to them,” explained Perry Jones, Executive Director of Capital City Rescue Mission.

“People will start to go through the process and it will take time of course. Weeks, sometimes months. It won’t be one big tidal wave. But if you’re someone impacted by this, of course, it’s very concerning,” said
Liz Hitt, Executive Director of the Homeless and Travelers Aid Society.

According to Hitt, counties have been getting ready to help evicted tenants.

“They have watched these extensions go on, now it’s ending. We are as prepared as possible. Every department of social services has honestly done a wonderful job getting ready. They are going to do their level best to make sure some people have someplace to sleep, and that they are cared for.”

Hitt told NEWS10, while shelters aren’t preferable, for families who truly don’t have anywhere else to go, places like the capital city rescue mission will offer meals and support.

“We are praying, also, that there is not a lot of eviction going on because eviction is very difficult on lives— on families, and kids, and single people and so forth,” said Jones.