LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — As the holiday season heads toward the New Year, many tend to think about a new workout routine. Especially as it gets colder, you may want to, “Warm It Up.”

Created by Loudonville resident and actress, Julia Franklin’s “Warm It Up” is known as the actors workout, but still available for everybody.

Indulging into a full body workout that warms up your voice, body and presence, it aims to prepare anybody who’s getting in front of a crowd to be grounded and help you can bring of who you are to the world.

The online program pairs you with broadway actors to workout with, combining breath work, cardio, yoga, high intensity interval training, vocal warm ups, and meditation. Each video is choreographed with combinations of each piece to keep you constantly moving and to work up a sweat.

Franklin said as an actress, she created this as something she would want before a show or an audition to help her prepare for it.

“When I was acting full time, I really struggled to get in all the things I needed. The vocal warmup, the dance warmup and the mediation aspect which was the biggest thing I really wish I had,” Franklin said. “Every single, well, almost every one (video) has a little bit of a mindfulness practice at the end of it, just a couple minutes of breathing and visualization.”

The program launched this past weekend and is a monthly subscription with new videos added each week to follow along.