ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — TJ’s Cafe, located at 1133 Central Avenue in Albany, is closing its doors. The owner made the announcement in a Facebook post on Friday.

“To our valued customers, dear friends, family, and customers who have become friends and family… it is with a heavy heart that I must announce the closing of TJ’s Cafe after almost 26 years in business,” said owner Todd Leach in the Facebook post.

According to the Facebook post, the closure is due to pandemic-related issues including the rising cost of goods, supply chain issues, staff shortages and exhaustion. Leach said these issues have taken a toll on his business and those who work there.

“The economic forces presented to us at this time have become insurmountable. We cannot, in good conscience, for the sake of ourselves, our health, and our family continue swimming against this current,” said Leach.

TJ’s Cafe opened in 1996 as a casual dining and spirits restaurant. In March 2022, the cafe celebrated 25 years. Leach also thanked his staff and customers, as well as his mother and father, for the success of TJ’s Cafe over the years.

“While this chapter is closing, the book is not finished, of that you can be sure,” said Leach.