ALBANY COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With Equinox no longer delivering Thanksgiving meals this year, other organizations stepping up to fill the gap–including the City of Watervliet and the Albany County Sheriff’s Office. Preps were underway Monday, with the sheriff’s office delivering Tuesday, and Watervliet on Wednesday.

Sheriff Craig Apple and his staff were at the public safety building in Clarksville Monday morning, prepping about 1,000 more free dinners than they typically have delivered on turkey days past.

“We are up to about 2,000 as of this morning. There are still a few coming in here and there, but how do you say no? So we are adding them on. They just may have to wait a little bit to get their meals,” Apple said.

Apple announced in October that he’d be casting a wider net for those in need of delivered meals this year after learning Equinox would only be providing a sit-down Thanksgiving dinner and a take-out option.

The meals will be delivered by volunteers Tuesday starting at 10 A.M.

Watervliet also joined the fray this year. The city used to distribute meals from Equinox, but local restaurant owners are taking charge this time around. They were getting the mashed potatoes started and the turkeys carved at the high school cafeteria Monday afternoon.

“They just all want to help, said Tim DeLisle, owner of the Black Bear Inn, “I mean, that’s just what this community does. Every time people are in need, we come together, and that’s just how it works.”

According to Mayor Charles Patricelli, the city will provide 244 meals and assist 112 households on Wednesday. Members of the police and fire departments will deliver the dinners.