ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The tenants of Parkview Apartments spoke to an attorney Wednesday to talk about the options they have available after they said the living conditions have not improved. The tenants were supposed to meet with the management group of the apartments, but CRM Rental Management did not attend the meeting.

Many of the tenants said they still do not have hot water after a pipe burst in February. Some of the tenants had to stay at a local hotel while the repairs were being made to the pipes in the building. Attorney Adriel Colon-Casaino said everything is still on the table.

“People have a right to housing, and the only way to enforce that right is to hold landlords accountable,” he said. “The landlord is not going to do anything unless it costs them money to fix things.”

Back in late February, the director of the Department of Buildings in Albany said the Parkview Apartments had hot water but there was an insufficient supply of it.