LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – In January NEWS10 introduced you to the “First Amendment, First Vote” group at Shaker High School after they were invited to attend the inauguration ceremony. While they didn’t get the opportunity to meet Governor Kathy Hochul, they hoped to one day. Their wish came true this week.

On Tuesday evening, “First Amendment, First Vote” students and their teachers were invited to the Executive Mansion to attend the Governor’s Women’s History Month reception. During the event, Kamellia Barrett and Sakthi Jagannath were given the opportunity to each read a poem.

“My legs were shaking the entire time and when I got off the podium, and I was like shaking, I went over and she was like ‘that was amazing!’ I shook her hand, like I can’t even verbalize it, it was just awesome,” said Kamellia.

“She was super kind in those few seconds, first impressions always matter and that was a lot,” said Sakthi.