SLINGERLANDS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Another mural along the Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail was unveiled on Monday. It was designed and painted by local artist Fernando Orellana.

The mural, named “Cathedral,” is located underneath the Cherry Avenue Bridge in Slingerlands. Work started on the piece in August and was completed in mid-September.

The piece was commissioned by the Art on The Rail Trail (ART) Committee. It was completed with the help of sponsors and local residents who volunteered their time to help paint. “Cathedral” is acrylic on concrete.

Of his piece, Orellana said: “The quirky, colorful, and ambiguous imagery of the mural Cathedral serves as a portal to happiness, joy and wonder. I wanted to create a sanctuary in which the public can put aside the stresses and chaos of the modern age, perhaps returning to the simpler time of their childhood. The vibrant and enormous imagery is inspired by travel, the public, kinetic energy, street art, Chicago imagists, and mostly, a desire to capture joy.”

Orellana is an associate professor of Digital Art in the Visual Arts Department at Union College. He has completed other local works, including a Troy Street Piano.