ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — An animal rescue group believes someone is trying to once again poison stray cats near a well known shopping area in Albany. The volunteers says they’re just trying to keep the population down but fear that someone wants the cats gone all together.

Next to the parking lot of the Home Depot on Central Avenue in Albany, Susan Hall makes her daily visit to feed a pair of stray cats, who call a sliver of concrete and dirt home. But recently, Susan noticed something disturbing inside the containers she leaves there. She says when she came out to feed the cats, she found their food bowls full of a bluish-green colored liquid. She believes it is poison.

“When you poison an animal, you make them go through miserable suffering. It’s a really cruel way to do this,” said Hall.

“These cats don’t bother anybody. It’s not their fault that they’re homeless. Somebody abandoned them here,” said Angela Benesch, who is a volunteer with Animal Lovers Rescue. She feeds the cats with Susan.

If it’s true that someone is trying to poison the cats, it would be nothing new. In July 2017, NEWS10’s Anya Tucker went next-door behind Westgate Plaza to report on similar concerns that someone was contaminating food containers for stray cats with antifreeze.

Aubrey Stern, the intake coordinator for Animal Lovers Rescue, wants people to know that they are not just feeding the stray cats and allowing the population to grow uncontrolled. She says they routinely humanely trap the stray cats they find and then take them to be spayed or neutered.

“They’re spayed. They’re neutered. They are not causing anyone harm. They are not over-producing. We do not have cats running everywhere. Especially at this location. There are only two,” said Stern.

Angela and Aubrey say they called the police but didn’t get much of a response. They are hoping that by getting the word out they can keep the cats safe.