WATERVLIET, N.Y. (NEWS10) — On August 4, the Watervliet Police Department launched an investigation into an alleged sexual assault. Police held a press conference at 2 p.m. to discuss the case.

“We have someone on the street that clearly, it’s unequivocal and it’s not in dispute, has a violent violent criminal history, predatory in nature it’s that simple,” Police Chief Joseph Centanni said.

After the investigation, it was determined that the victim, a man with autism, was approached at a bus stop by Jamal Ali, who allegedly invited the victim to his apartment to watch a movie and have some drinks. Shortly after they arrived at Ali’s Third Avenue apartment, he sexually assaulted the victim, police said.

“Very troubling from my experience is that the amount of time it took from being inside the residence to then transitioning to that assault,” Centanni said. “That is something that is honed over time by these types of offenders.”

Ali is a level three sex offender who has a violent criminal history, dating back to 1978, according to police. In 1984, for example, he was convicted in Buffalo for the forcible rape, burglary, and assault of a 79-year-old and sentenced to 12-and-a-half to 25 years in New York State prison. He was released in July 2000 after serving 16 years behind bars, and was rearrested three times for parole violations, police said. Ali’s parole ended in February 2009.

Ali, 64, of Watervliet was charged with:

  • Second-degree criminal sexual act (Felony)
  • Third-degree criminal sexual act (Felony)
  • Sexual misconduct (Misdemeanor)

Ali was arraigned in Watervliet City Court and jailed without bail. However, after a bail hearing, he was released on probation with electronic monitoring.

Based on Ali’s criminal history, along with information learned during their investigation, detectives are trying to determine if Ali has victimized other people in similar ways. Anyone with information is asked to contact Watervliet Police Detectives at (518) 270-3892.

“Places like bus stops, bus stations or any location where there is a constant flow of people we urge anyone with information to contact Watervliet detectives,” Centanni said.

The Albany County District Attorney’s Office tells News10’s Skylar Eagle they requested a $25,000 cash bail, $50,000 bond and $75,000 partially secured bond.