LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Rising gas prices have been added to the list of factors impacting one local business owner. Frank Scavio, owner of Paesan’s Pizza, is brainstorming new ways to incentivize his delivery drivers.

Paesan’s Pizza plans to start a summer pilot program to give its drivers some relief at the pump. Scavio knows he cannot wait for the government to provide that relief and must take action to help his employees. He will incentivize Paesan’s delivery workers with a $100 gas gift card for every 40 hours of work completed.

This relief incentive will benefit the delivery workers by cutting down their out-of-pocket expense of filling up their tanks. Scavio also hopes to retain his current employees and attract new hires with the new program. With adequate employee ratios, delivery times will decrease, and workflow will improve.

From travel to leisure to food delivery, the pain at the pump is real. The recent surge in gas prices, which neared $5 a gallon in the Capital Region Monday morning, has affected us all in one way or another.

Compounded with the lingering labor shortage, Scavio says this has greatly impacted business from the cost of delivery to the retention of employees. “We have experienced frustrated workers quitting mid-shift because the cost of gas has tripled. There are more and more no-shows for shifts, and we are burning out the other employees that must pick up the deliveries,” he said.

The nationwide gas surge burdens not only the employees but customers as well. “On an average Friday, Paesan’s Pizza employs 25-30 drivers to service its customers. As of recent, we are lucky if 15 drivers show up for their shift. This increases our wait times for delivery up to one-and-a-half to two hours some days,” said Scavio.

Scavio concluded by saying that he hopes the customers can be understanding during these times as well. “Our drivers were the ones delivering to homes during the pandemic and now they need our help. Don’t forget to tip your driver and be patient during long wait times.”