ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Defendant Jordan Young rejected a plea offer in Albany County Court on Wednesday. The prosecution offered the defense a minimum of three years to a maximum of five years in state prison.

Wednesday morning marked Young’s second physical appearance in court. Previously, the 32-year-old pleaded not guilty to attempted aggravated assault and menacing a police officer. The incident happened back in January.

Body camera footage shows young charging toward a police officer with a knife. According to police, they shot three times at Young’s torso, and deployed a taser.

In court on Wednesday, Young’s attorney tells reporters her client should not receive prison time due to his current mental and physical health. “I am very, very concerned about his safety and his health if he were to go to prison and I would have loved to work something out without that,” Rebekah Sokol, Albany County Assistant Public Defender. “Any type of resolution has to be accepted by the prosecution as well as the judge and the district attorney’s office is not on board with my suggestions.”

A motions date has been scheduled for August 24.