LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Forts Ferry elementary school was vandalized over the weekend with racist graffiti. In a letter to the school community on Sunday, Superintendent Joseph Corr said windows were broken and that racial slurs and deplorable images were written on the exterior of the building in chalk.

“We, as a district, take this matter very seriously,” Corr said. “It’s a blatantly racist act. It’s a hate crime and it’s an offense against our community as a school.”

The graffiti was found and reported by Colonie Police and later removed by the district’s maintenance staff. Windows that were broken are now boarded up.

The incident comes after the school hired Dr. Casey Parker, a black man, as the new principal of Forts Ferry elementary in July. “These racist remarks were written on the school where we have our only black principal and that fact is transparent and has to be acknowledged,” Corr said.

The incident is classified as a hate crime, according to New York State law. School administrators and the Colonie Police Department are actively investigating the graffiti.