COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A judge has signed an order of consent that resolves a preliminary injunction put forth by the state Attorney General’s office. The preliminary injunction included new monitoring instrumentation, new target metrics for the facility, new reporting procedures, and the development of additional operation procedures.

“We are pleased to have reached this agreement on the specifics of an emissions program with the New York State Attorney General,” said Norlite CEO Ghia Rossi. “We are especially pleased that this program has been developed in conjunction with the DEC. This agreement marks a new chapter for Norlite. I am now working with a team of experts on additional steps that can and will be implemented to make sure the Cohoes facility is the gold standard for manufacturing and for community involvement. Our mission is clear: we make strong, American-made products used to build bridges, buildings and ballparks while reducing waste and reducing the reliance on fossil fuels. How much do we reduce fossil fuel reliance? The Norlite plant uses waste that we all create in our daily lives to make the same amount of energy as twenty-four thousand tons of coal per year.  I also want to thank our dedicated employees, many of them members of Teamsters as well as the Operating Engineers, who work day and night at the facility.” 

A spokesperson for Norlite says the program has been developed with input from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.