FEURA BUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) — At the beginning of the year, the Freemann family made a New Year’s resolution to visit every single Stewart’s Shop in 2022. So far, the family has visited more than 30 locations this year.

The Stewart’s Shops or Bust 2022 challenge was inspired by a story they heard about a couple who visited all the Cracker Barrel restaurants in the country. It immediately gave them an idea.

“We kind of joked that was something they would do! So we were like what about Stewart’s, they’re local, they’re from New York and we love them,” said Kristin Freemann.

Stewart’s has more than 350 shops in 32 different counties across New York and Vermont. The family makes each stop memorable by taking a photo and trying a new product item during their visit.

With more than 30 locations visited, the family feels confident they’ll reach their goal by the end of the year. So far, they say the Hillsdale location and the new Albany location on Central Ave. are their favorites.

Want to follow them along their journey? They’re chronicling every stop on Instagram.