SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — This Wednesday, Liz Joy responded to comments made by Rep. Paul Tonko about a WMHT Public Television debate. Joy has agreed to debate Tonko, ahead of election season as voters prep to head for the polls.

“Paul Tonko’s comments are ridiculous and untrue,” said Joy. “He is a perfect case for term limits, having been in elected office since 1976 with voters having nothing to show for it. Tonko is desperately trying to hide and distract from over 40 years of failure. His votes have caused record high inflation that is driving up the cost of food, home heating and basic everyday needs that are crushing New York families.”

“I’m looking forward to debating Paul and our campaign is currently in discussions with multiple organizations that have proposed debates, including WMHT, continued Joy. “Unlike Paul Tonko, who in 2020 refused to debate me when over 100 business owners requested a forum. We need to hear directly from Paul as to why he supports policies that are making New York unaffordable and unsafe with skyrocketing crime and weak borders allowing deadly fentanyl to flow into the country.”

“Those running for the people’s house should be held to account and open to public scrutiny,” said Tonko on Wednesday. “My opponent organized a bus trip to the Capitol on January 6th where police officers died, and insurrectionists tried to overturn an election. She has also expressed support for total abortion bans, even in cases of rape and incest. These are extreme views that are well out of touch with Capital Region voters, and they deserve to be scrutinized.”