ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — PrimoHoagies, a gourmet Italian specialty sandwich chain, is expanding into New York and the Capital Region. The chain announced that it has signed a deal for ten new locations in Albany and the surrounding counties.

PrimoHoagies has currently has locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Although the specific locations have not be announced yet, the chain said at least two or three of the Capital Region stores are slated to open within the next year.

“Expanding into New York has been a huge, long-term goal for PrimoHoagies and we’re thrilled to reach this milestone as we continue our momentum of growth throughout the country,” said Nicholas Papanier Jr., owner, president, and CEO of PrimoHoagies

PrimoHoagies has more than 140 stores planned to open in 2023 and chain is making progress toward opening 300 to 350 locations in the next five years. The casual restaurant’s menu features cold and hot hoagies, cheesesteaks, wraps, vegetarian options, sides, chips, drinks, cookies, desserts, and more.

“New Yorkers are going to be instant fans of our truly authentic hoagies with one taste of the Primo difference,” said Papanier. “We can’t wait for hoagie mania to take over the state and to open the doors to many more locations in the years ahead!”