ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — An Albany business owner has made it her mission for kids in her neighborhood to learn how to swim. Kizzy Williams, owner of Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen started sponsoring the program back in April to inspire confidence in local youth.

Over 40 kids in grades Kindergarten through 5 have been participating in the program that runs every Wednesday through the next two weeks. In addition to being sponsored by Williams, the program has support from the Touhy Foundation and CDTA.

“What inspired me to start the Charles Touhy Swim Program, honestly, is pain,” Williams said. “Being able to see the children in the community not know how to swim.”

Williams chose KIPP Tech Valley Primary School to host the program.

“Just to see how our students’ confidence has blossomed from week one, to now, week six of being in the program, all the skills they’re learning and how much progress they’re making,” said Michael Jean-Baptiste, Director of Operations at KIPP Tech Valley Primary School.

Jean-Baptiste’s own children are in the program, and he has watched his daughter overcome a healthy fear of putting her face in the water. He noted the boost of strength he has seen in her as she learns alongside her peers.

Williams said anyone who wants to learn to swim should call The Cultural Center or Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen.