ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — It’s that time of the year again! Girl Scout cookie season is in full swing, but this year because of the pandemic, the girls are getting creative when it comes to their cookie sales.

“My troop we are doing flyers instead of going door-to-door,” explained Rachel Ward, a Girl Scout Cadet in Troop 2429. “We’ve done only 75 so far and really it’s more word to word, like my sister and my mom have been telling people about my online cookie page and that’s worked more than the flyers.”

An online cookie page during this digital age is helping these girls continue to conduct business in a safe way.

“The public is normally used to going to Stewart’s and Walmart and those kinds of places to see the girls,” stated Michele Kuhns, Troop Leader 2429. “It’s more about getting the word out about the digital cookie link or if they can make contacts through email or a phone call with a girl to place an order.”

But it’s on online sales that are proving to be popular in this pandemic.

“Mainly my parents have been passing out an online code to people at work who usually buy from me so they can buy from my online cookie store,” said Kathryn Powell.

If you know a Girl Scout you can have her send you a link that will direct you to a virtual cookie sheet. There, not only can you read about your favorite Girl Scout cookies, but you can place an order in a matter of minutes. But if you don’t know a specific Girl Scout and want to donate to a local troop, you can do that online too.

“We have a find the cookies and you can put in your zip code and it brings up a troop that is local to that zip code and you can order cookies right from their troop link,” stated Amanda Allen, Director of Product and Retail Sales for Girl Scouts of North Eastern New York.

The proceeds go to help fund the girl’s projects, programs, and summer camps here in the Capital region.

While selling cookies is pretty sweet, Girl Scouts offers so much more.

“If definitely helped boost my confidence,” said Ward. “Because when I went into Girl Scouts, I was a little shy because I didn’t know anyone. And then after being there for the first meeting, I started making new friends in school and it just really helped me with my confidence level.”

If you would like to help the organization, you have until mid-April to order Girl Scout cookies online.